Louis200 fetes Lalela’s impact on tomorrow’s visionaries

April 29, 2022

We’re deeply humbled and, indeed, completely overwhelmed with excitement to share the news of Lalela’s inclusion in Louis Vuitton’s prestigious Louis200 campaign!

What an immense honour for Lalela to have been chosen from hundreds of non-profit organisations across the globe as one among just 15 philanthropic projects for this amazing campaign.

Each of the 15 NPOs selected by Louis Vuitton for the campaign uses creativity as a vehicle for facilitating meaningful change in their work with children, and we’re privileged to be featured among these like-minded projects. We believe this tremendous accolade shows recognition for the impact of our educational arts programs, which connect the arts to everything important in a child’s life, from core academics to critical life skills.

The Louis200 campaign formed part of the 200th birthday festivities of the brand’s founder, Louis Vuitton, who was renowned for his innovative spirit. The milestone birthday celebration also celebrated the brand’s ongoing legacy.

Because the Louis Vuitton brand believes that “a birthday celebration as prestigious as this would not be complete without a gift,” they created a philanthropic initiative to support “projects inspiring the visionaries of the future”. As part of this initiative, a donation in the name of 200 creative visionaries participating in the birthday campaign was pledged to each of these projects.

These 200 creatives included a host of international artists, designers and thought leaders, who were given an open brief to express their vision in window displays across Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

According to the campaign website, in recognition of their contribution Louis Vuitton have pledged a donation in the name of and on behalf of each visionary to one of 15 non-profit organisations. “The selected organisations have been chosen for their focus on enabling access to, and encouraging discovery of, the arts and creativity for young people and those from disadvantaged communities. We have chosen organisations from around the globe which represent many different aspects of creativity.”

See the full list of participating non-profit organisations – including Lalela – here

On behalf of our founders, Lalela team members and all the children in our life-changing educational arts program, we sincerely thank Louis Vuitton and all the visionaries who worked on the campaign – and especially to those wonderful creatives who selected Lalela as their chosen project to support.

Your belief in our work keeps us inspired to continue with our mission of providing educational arts for at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. Our arts curriculum ignites imagination and facilitates a journey through which children discover how to dream beyond their circumstances and launch the possibility of a different future for themselves and their communities.

Thank you!

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Your generosity makes it possible for Lalela’s educational arts programmes to create meaningful change that affects thousands of at-risk children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Your generosity makes it possible for Lalela’s educational arts programmes to create meaningful change that affects thousands of at-risk children in Sub-Saharan Africa.



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